So, last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I decided that I had to finally do the new blog.  Oh, I’ve tried to do it prior to this, but something just wasn’t right.  Timing. Schedule. Whatever. Anyway, my mind was going a million miles a minute and I made the decision to get back to it.  It doesn’t matter to me if no one reads what I have to say [lie! of course it matters!!].  Even before when I was blogging, I didn’t care if no one read what I had to say [another lie!].  I just did it for me, although I think I was successful in opening the eyes of a few as to what it was like living in The Sandbox for the better part of a decade. And, as an added bonus, there were some regular readers out there – you know who you are – and many of us have become friends. Big bonus, there, for me!! And a HUGE thank you to all of you who read my old blog!!!!

Facebook.  That is something I signed up to be a part of just after Lil’ BC was born, mostly as a way of seeing all of the pictures that Lil’ BC’s Mommy and Daddy were posting of him and as a way of sharing pictures that I take of him.  However, my FB page gets more and more political every single day, and FB really isn’t the place for lenghty diatribes.  Thus, time for the new blog.  Way, way past time!  Of course, there isn’t a day that goes by that the jugearedjackass doesn’t do something worthy of a great deal of criticism, and FB has been a good outlet.  [Oh, great job there, by the way, jeja, getting our triple A rating downgraded.  Have we ever had such an inept idiot running our Country?!  No.  Even Jimmy Carter – who up until the jeja took the reins was the worst president ever – is looking better and better.  2012 is not going to be here soon enough.  We will be lucky if the jeja hasn’t COMPLETELY destroyed the United States of America before then.]

Only a few short months ago we got the news that osama bin laden was dead.  The jeja took ALL the credit for it, in an effort to boost his ever dropping approval rating.  [Did he get a surge?  I don’t remember.  He didn’t deserve it, if he did.]  I had a conversation with a friend the morning after the huge announcement.  The conversation went like this:

Friend:  Did you hear the good news?  They got obama.  Oops, osama.

Me:  Slip of the tongue.  But now I’m disappointed and you’ve ruined my day.  For a second there I thought…

Friend:  No, no, no.  osama.

Me:  Eh.  Easy goof.  Only one letter difference between the two.

Friend:  Aren’t you excited?

Me:  No.  Why would I be – I mean I could have been – but it’s osama.  And, he’s been dead for a while.  I don’t believe a word of what’s being said.

Friend:  You are always so cynical.

Me:  Come on!  We’re talking about the jugearedjackass, here.  You know how I feel about him.  And as far as I’m concerned, if his lips are moving he’s lying.

Off topic for just a second.  Isn’t it interesting that both Adolf Hitler and osama bin laden share the same day – May 1st – as the date their deaths were announced?  See here.  Coincidence?  Oh, I think not.  But then, I’m cynical…

Was it yesterday or the day before that we learned that members of SEAL Team 6 were killed in a helicopter crash?  Remember how there were no pictures of osama bin laden’s body, and how he was quickly buried, in muslim tradition [cough cough], at sea?  Sure.  All of it lies.  But we will never know for certain, now, because the only witnesses are no longer with us to testify…

That so many brave men have now given their lives to perpetuate the lie that ‘bama killed osama is beyond infuriating.  Go ahead and label me a “conspirist,” but I am firmly of the opinion that something is fishy about all of this – and I don’t mean osama being fish food!  Someone needs to be investigating this!!

Of course an investigation isn’t going to make a hoot of difference one way or another, given that the current administration is part and parcel of all that is wrong in America.  Where is the investigation into “Fast and Furious?”  Exactly.  With Eric Holder running the show, the word “investigation” will be synonymous with “cover up” or “denial.”

Every single day there IS something!  Whether it be something as tragic as losing brave men who were serving their country – OUR country, or whether it is how much the cost of gas has gone up [$70. to fill our Jeep Commander!], or that we’ve got a debt ceiling crisis, or that our AAA rating is being downgraded…  All the while, as tragedy and suffering unfolds around us, the jugearedjackass and his wide-ass bitter half throw parties and eat cake.

Today I spent $91.00 at the grocery store and I only barely bought food!  $24.00 was for four packages of coffee [on sale – usually $7.99, but today $5.99 – and that’s why I bought four], the food Miss Pretty likes cost $20.00, Bob Evans Mac ‘n cheese was on sale at two for $7.00 – so I bought two, and I spent more money at the deli than I should have – but even then, I only got a pound of ham, a pound of provolone cheese and a pound of baby swiss cheese…  Almost $30. at the deli.  The deli!!  A bag of lettuce was $3.69, a tomato was $1.71, sub rolls cost $2.89… pickles cost $2.49, the two little cans of black olives were $1.49 each, and the Entenmanns chocolate cake was $6.00.  $91.04!!!  How are families of four affording to feed their families?!  How’s that hopenchange working out for you, anyway?

Honestly.  Just how much more do the “elite” in Washington think we are going to put up with?  And dingy harry now says that we are going to have to “raise revenue.”  Those of us that are paying taxes are already paying too much.  I want to see those that aren’t paying taxes have some “skin in the game.”  Almost “>of all Americans get away with paying almost nothing to what is a very, very broken system.  And the rest of us, the other half are footing the bill for some of the most ridiculous federal programs that have ever been conjured up!  Come on.  Studying the effect of cocaine in monkeys?  Seriously!? For real!?!  And what about all the waste, fraud and abuse.  Surely that is worth a look see at, right?

It goes on and on and on.  I can vent as much as I want.  After all, this is MY blog.  You do not have to agree with me.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me all the time…  But if you are a liberal and if you voted for the jugearedjackass I can guarantee you that you are NOT going to agree with anything I have to say and I would suggest you find somewhere else to hang out. I’m also fairly certain that if you are a liberal and you voted for the jugearedjackass that you are likely to be much, much more politically correct* than I will be, and that you will be much more tolerant of what is happening around us insofar as all things muslim and islam are concerned.

So, for today, that is what is on my mind, and that is what I have to say.  There.  I think I’ve ranted enough.

*Politically correct, NOT correct. NOT correct by any stretch of the imagination! All that touchy-feely kind of crap that oh so cautiously tip toes around the naked truth so as not to insult or offend delicate sensibilities. I am of the opinion that it is exactly that mindset which is going to be our undoing and get us all killed. There will be none of that, here.