I knew it; many others knew it.

Remember when John McCain was running for President and he said that NO ONE would be allowed to use the jugearedjackass’s middle name?  Hussein.  Yep.  That middle name.  [It wasn’t until the jugearedjackass took his oath that the middle name was allowed to be uttered.]  You know, Senator McCain, I have a great deal of respect for you with regard to what you suffered when you were a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and all that…  I supported you when you were running for President – mostly I supported your running mate – Sarah Palin!  At this point, though, you’ve pretty much become irrelevant.  Seriously, calling American’s who truly care about their country “hobbits” is just not okay.  Time for you to go ahead and buy yourself a nice rocking chair – find a nice quiet porch to put it on.  Perhaps your lovely wife Cindy – the one you called the “c-word” – can bring you a nice tall glass of shut the phukk up lemonade. [Google it; I’m not going to link to any of the blogs that published John McCain’s little outburst.]

Anyway, back to the topic.  What religion is it that is held nearest and dearest to the heart of our current leader?  If you guessed Baptist or Catholic or Jewish you would be very, very wrong.  islam.  The jeja is a muslim.  Once a muslim, always a muslim.  The highest approval rating of his performance by ONE particular religion – the one he bows down to and panders to – is troubling. Umm.  Yeah.  Shocking, isn’t it?  No.  Troubling?  Most definitely.  Unless someone with a pair of brass ones turns things around – and does it PDQ – that proverbial “camel in the tent” is going to be here to stay – fleas and all – and in short order your granddaughter’s will be wearing abeyas and those of us that refuse to convert to a religion invented by a pedophile a$$-lifting moonrock worshipper will be paying jiyza.  Is that what we want?  No.  I think not.

As easy as it is for the jeja to blame absolutely everybody else for the current state of our Nation – regardless of whether it is his fault [and IT IS!] or not, there is one thing that he can positively blame on someone else.  Finally!  Some truth to the “uh uh uh it is _______ [fill in the blank] fault.”  The ramadan iftar dinner.  The jeja didn’t start that.  Nope. Blame Slick Willie and GWB. That the phukktard, also known as the jugearedjackass, had the “audacity” to remember muslim victims at the ramadan dinner at the WH is unf’ngbelievable!!  Am I the only one that is OUTRAGED by this?!!?  Hate.  A very, very strong word that I do not use frivolously.  In my ENTIRE life – as a child, an adolescent and an adult – I have NEVER EVER HATED someone like I hate the jeja.  Never.  I doubt I will ever HATE someone so much…  I don’t even think it is possible. 

Say what?! He thanked muslims for their service to the country?  What service?!!  The service of the 19 muslims – some 13 of them from saudi [yes, that saudi, the ones where our “friends” hail from!] that forever changed us on September 11, 2001?  The service of the muslim that gunned down soldiers at Fort Hood – killing some dozen men and women – including an unborn baby – and wounded another thirty?  The service of the same muslims that immediately call cair and then sue their employers when they aren’t given time off to pray – or if they are asked to remove a headscarf at Abercrombie & Fitch?  The service of the same muslims who are hired to be taxi drivers in Minneapolis who refuse to drive passengers if they are carrying alcohol?  The service of the muslims that want to bring sharia law into our courts?  [You can bet your last dollar that the jugearedjackass IS thanking those muslims.  He wants sharia law to be the law of the land, here!]  The service of those muslims that demand foot baths to do their wudu – voodoo – at airports and schools throughout the country when NO other religion gets special foot baths OR prayer rooms?  The service of those same muslims that want a mosque opened at Ground Zero, and the service of those same muslims that want some sort of crescent shaped memorial which just happens to be facing the direction of ground that should have been leveled and turned into a glass parking lot a long time ago mecca?  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I can, and could, keep going.  It sickens me – I mean makes me physically sick to my stomach – to see a person like the jeja cowtow to muslims when he goes above and beyond all possible efforts to stick a knife in the back of a true friend, Israel.

Our friends – the muslims – the saudi’s…  [They cannot be our friends!  If a muslim says that he or she is a friend then he or she is practicing “taqiyya,” something they are taught at a very young age and something they are quite adept at.]  What a surprise it was to learn that our friends, the saudi’s [muslims!] paid millions of dollars – dollars they made from us – via the gas pump and our heating oil tanks – to protect osama bin laden? No.  Not a surprise, at all.  Read the comments at the link.  Thankfully there are a few of us who know that muslims are not to be trusted, and who know that the saudi’s are not a friend.  The sooner we cut off all aid to any middle eastern country that practices such a putrid religion, the better.  But noooo.  Not only are we giving billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries who hate us – now the jeja and his administration are going to be doling out money here, in the U.S. – to provide more social services to muslims that are here!

Yep. I think many of us knew it way back when. When the jugearedjackass was still a senator voting present. And long before he became the self-appointed dictator of OUR country!