Nothing has changed in saudi arabia since we left. Not that I ever thought it would – and not that our being there had anything to do with how things were, how they are, or how they will be. [With one exception – I never would have been allowed to continue my blog. Shortly after we left there was a crackdown on bloggers – either they were blocked, or the bloggers were given harsh incentives to not continue to say anything that would tarnish saudi’s unblemished, untarnished image. Riiigghhhht.]

I have visited Arab News only a small handful of times since we left – the interest just wasn’t there. Now that I am back to the blogging, I decided to see what was going on there. Voila. Maids continue to bear the brunt of all sorts of misdoings… Here we have another maid that has been accused of killing an infant. [An] “official told the court that the maid confessed to her crime at least six times during questioning by officials of the commission…” Imagine that. She confessed during questioning. They ALL confess during questioning because questioning in saudi does not mean that someone sits across the table from the accused and simply starts a dialogue – with conversation going back and forth between the accused and an official. Coercion is synonymous with confession in saudi.

The maid no longer wishes to accept the blame and confess. The father of the child believes that this is because she no longer fears allah. [Can you even imagine how terrified this poor maid must be at this point?  Fear would be an understatement.] The father also believes that “the maid’s previous attempt to commit suicide and the tears she shed in court were clear evidence of the mental anguish that she had been experiencing after committing the crime…” I’d be willing to bet that the maid’s previous attempt to commit suicide has absolutely NOTHING to do with “mental anguish.” No matter. It is just a poor maid from Indonesia and once she is found guilty – whether she committed the crime or not – the family will hire another maid to take her place.  Maids.  They are a riyal a dozen.