The vacuum fairy hasn’t visited in a week. The laundry fairy left laundry sitting in the dryer last night and now it has to go through the “wrinkle release” cycle before it can be folded and taken care of. Who knows where the bathroom cleaning fairy has been? She seems to have disappeared completely – probably vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard…

This laptop might have been a mistake. When I tried to blog on DH’s laptop years ago, it was only through sheer determination and far too much anxious exasperation that a post ever when up when I used the laptop. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I decided that I had to have one. DH and I went shopping and I test-drove a hundred of them at different locations. And, by “test-drove” I mean I needed to be able to type. For me, it was all about the keyboard. Not the technical stuff, but ease of keyboarding… [I’m getting pretty darn good at using my little laptop, if I do say so myself. Which is not to say that there have not been some issues. Oh, there have been. Tear-inducing issues…]

I’m pretty sure I know why the vacuum is still sitting in the hallway – ready to be plugged in and run; I know why that load of laundry got left in the dryer last night; and I know why the bathrooms haven’t been cleaned… [It is all Dell Inspiron’s fault!]

There are not too many things I miss about my past life – my seven years living in The Sandbox. However, I do miss Inom. Oh, do I miss him!! I miss Appuk, too, but I don’t have much yard work to do – but for some watering of a few flower pots if it doesn’t rain. And, I miss Trilock – the pool guy. Of course, I don’t have my own pool right now, but if I ever do have a place with a pool again…

If only Inom would have been able to come with us to the States, I wouldn’t have to worry about where all the dayum fairies have gone! [We are currently living in a house that we rent; we moved here not knowing anything about the area, and wanted to be able to check it out before just plopping down a hunk of cash. Now that our lease is about to end, we’ve started searching. A month ago we found out dream house and it was 5,000 square feet. Thankfully someone snatched it up and bought it before we did. If I’m having a hard time keeping up with 3,000 square feet, how am I EVER going to be able to manage keeping up with 5,000 square feet?! Inom, HELP!!!]

Surely, the fact that I don’t want to let my laptop go into “sleep” mode, and now that I’ve kind of sort of figured out this WordPress thing has nothing to do with the fact that the fairies have disappeared, right? Blogs and blogging. They are rather like potato chips. You cannot eat just one.

My little morning coffee session has raced into the afternoon… There is SOOO much to read – just in the blogosphere – and SOOO little time. Suffice it to say that my “to do” list NEEDS my attention and that I MUST work on my “time management” skills. My general rule of thumb is that three things on the list must be accomplished daily. It is a very, very loose rule. But, before I put down the laptop and give it up for at least the daylight hours, I must share absolute TCFW:

Our Lil’ BC is the definition of TCFW! [TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!] [Before the face wash – which is NEVER a “happy” thing – after eating spagetti and a one inch square – maybe smaller – piece of chocolate cake.] Yes, admittedly I am biased. He is, after all, my one and only Grandbaby, and the reason we moved to South Carolina… Lil’ BC is visiting grandparents up North for the next few days, so I’ll have plenty of time to devote to this next blogging portion of my life; I’ll have a little time to devote to the “to do” list [priorities – it is all about getting those priorities in order, right?], and perhaps I’ll even get to Chapter 2 of the book I hope to write [Chapter 1 has been written at least four or five times, now.]