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Some days I just shake my head in absolute befuddlement.

Who is in charge of letting saudi students come here on whatever the visa program is and why would they let a mentally ill student get a visa for that purpose? Questions that will likely never be answered, but if I was a family member of Professor Richard T. Antoun I would be digging deep to find out who allowed this to happen and why. Then, I would sue that person or that administration for every dollar I could possibly get!

Professor Antoun is dead because he smiled at one of his saudi / muslim students. abdulsalam al-zahrani stabbed Professor Antoun because he believed “the professor was part of a conspiracy against him. al-zahrani said he was provoked to the violent attack…” The killer, who was charged with second degree murder, made some sort of plea deal and will “likely … serve an 11-year prison sentence.

Big deal. 11 years. For KILLING an innocent man who smiled at him. What the he11 is wrong with our justice system? And, does anyone think for one single skinny second that if an American student stabbed and killed a saudi professor that he could or would get off as easily as claiming to be mentally ill and serving 11 years in prison? Uh-uh.  Not a chance. In saudi, the trial would have been quick and punishment even quicker. Doesn’t take very long to lop off someone’s head. [See my earlier post today – with the video of a beheading.]

Read the comments at the article. I am not the only one who thinks that saudi’s justice system would have handled this much differently than our justice system did. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, American’s cannot go to saudi for college or to further their education. There is no reciprocity in that regard. Just one more way saudi’s and muslim’s take advantage of us, and as is typical with them it is all take and no give.

Eh. What’s the big deal? We ALLOW it to happen. That is, our administration does and has for many years. One of these days, when we have an absolute conservative in the WH, we can start making some changes. All I know is that those changes need to be in the works pretty darn quick! Otherwise, our granddaughter’s will be wearing abeyas and those of us that refuse to convert to a “religion” that condones pedophilia and requires it followers to five-times a day raise their a$$ in the air to worship some moonrock will be paying jiyza. [Religion? It isn’t a religion – islam – it is a cult and a dangerous one, at that.]

I have absolutely no recollection of this incident happening or of it being covered by the news at all. We were in saudi at the time, and I’m pretty sure if I would have seen an article about it in the local green truth [what we called the daily newspaper], then I would have blogged about it. Interesting take on this from Michelle Malkin, here. Head on over there to see what one of abdulsalam al-zahrani’s roommates had to say about him: [He] “was confrontational, argumentative and ‘acted like a terrorist.'” Shocked. Just shocked.


[Irwan Setiawan, along with his sister Evi Kurniati, holds a picture of his mother, Ruyati Binti Sapubi, in their house in Bekasi, West Java Province June 19, 2011. (Reuters) From here.]

Absolutely barbaric. Graphic. Watch at your own risk.

Happened to catch it at Weasel Zipper’s place, just now…

Did a quick search [isn’t the internet wonderful!] for Ruyati binti Sapubi and found out that this poor woman’s beheading took place almost two months ago. Not a surprise, at all, to learn that the maid had been abused by her employers. That is a constant and a given. “The migrant worker had been subjected to constant verbal abuse and refused permission to leave the kingdom.” I’d be willing to venture a guess that there was much, much more than verbal abuse inflicted on this maid. Rarely is it just verbal abuse. Rarely.  That she was “refused permission to leave the kingdom” is not a surprise, either.  Anyone want to bet that for as long as she worked for her abusive employers she was NOT paid?  Slavery was abolished in saudi arabia and yemen in 1962.  Yeah, that’s what the law says, but the law doesn’t really matter.  Slavery in the middle east is alive and thriving.

From this article:

Saudi Arabia is a dangerous place for far too many foreign domestic workers. In 2008, a Human Rights Watch report documented widespread abuse of Asian maids in Saudi households. The organization found that women were routinely subjected to wretched working conditions, as well as emotional, sexual and physical abuse. “She beat me until my whole body burned. She beat me almost every day,” one Indonesian woman told them. “She would beat my head against the stove until it was swollen.”

When we lived there, I posted regularly – and often – on maids being abused.  [See here, here, here, and here. There are lots more!]

Nour Miyati was one maid who was beaten so badly that by the time she finally got to a hospital she was nearly dead, with gangrene eating away her fingers, toes [several of which required amputation], and a part of her right foot. Ms. Miyati accused her employer of beating her – to within an inch of her life – and for whatever reason later recanted that story and she was charged with making false accusations! Somewhere along the way – as this case went through the saudi court system at a snail’s pace, Ms. Miyati was awarded SR2,500 for her injuries – $670.24!! The employer’s wife was originally sentenced to receive 35 lashes for the abuse which she inflicted upon the maid, but that, of course, never happened. Here are two pictures of Nour Miyati:

It was horrible what happened to her. Just horrible!

The only way to put an end to the abuse of these workers, who are imported from other third-world countries to work in saudi arabia is to STOP sending them there. Probably never going to happen…  Will say this, though.  You eliminate all of the imported workers from that country – saudi arabia – and the place will come to a dead standstill.  The saudi’s will go back to living in tents and riding camels.  There would be no one to build their homes and office buildings; no one to service their GMC’s, Suburban’s and BMW’s.  [All of those workers – the ones who actually do physical labor and build things – they are imported; as are the workers who maintain automobiles and air-conditioning units and electrical systems.  That isn’t even including all of the domestic workers – the maids, the cooks, the drivers.]

One interesting thing to note; the 54-year-old maid was herself a muslim.  This is how muslims treat each other?  I say, have at it.  Get our men and women out of all of those countries in the middle east and let the muslims either fend for themselves or kill each other off – same same and win win.  Let OUR brave men and women come home.  They can be much more useful here – securing OUR Country’s borders – and eliminating the illegals that will not leave on their own – and it will cost us a whole lot less money…

If we keep it up, and do not stop being so politically correct with regard to the demands muslims make on us, here – special foot washing facilities and prayer rooms and halal food, etc. – beheadings will be coming to your town. And, soon.

When I could have used it! Shamelessly swiped from BNI’s place, from this post.

Nothing has changed in saudi arabia since we left. Not that I ever thought it would – and not that our being there had anything to do with how things were, how they are, or how they will be. [With one exception – I never would have been allowed to continue my blog. Shortly after we left there was a crackdown on bloggers – either they were blocked, or the bloggers were given harsh incentives to not continue to say anything that would tarnish saudi’s unblemished, untarnished image. Riiigghhhht.]

I have visited Arab News only a small handful of times since we left – the interest just wasn’t there. Now that I am back to the blogging, I decided to see what was going on there. Voila. Maids continue to bear the brunt of all sorts of misdoings… Here we have another maid that has been accused of killing an infant. [An] “official told the court that the maid confessed to her crime at least six times during questioning by officials of the commission…” Imagine that. She confessed during questioning. They ALL confess during questioning because questioning in saudi does not mean that someone sits across the table from the accused and simply starts a dialogue – with conversation going back and forth between the accused and an official. Coercion is synonymous with confession in saudi.

The maid no longer wishes to accept the blame and confess. The father of the child believes that this is because she no longer fears allah. [Can you even imagine how terrified this poor maid must be at this point?  Fear would be an understatement.] The father also believes that “the maid’s previous attempt to commit suicide and the tears she shed in court were clear evidence of the mental anguish that she had been experiencing after committing the crime…” I’d be willing to bet that the maid’s previous attempt to commit suicide has absolutely NOTHING to do with “mental anguish.” No matter. It is just a poor maid from Indonesia and once she is found guilty – whether she committed the crime or not – the family will hire another maid to take her place.  Maids.  They are a riyal a dozen.